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PPC Management

PPC Overview

The fastest way to get qualified leads instantly is to use a pay per click (PPC) model. You may have seen these "sponsored listings" at the top and sides of most major search engines as you were conducting a search. Some refer to them as "paid search results."

Sponsored listings start as little as $0.10 per click and provide a fast and economical way to move your website to the top positions in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and others across the web. Your listing is prominently displayed to people and businesses seeking your products and services.

The concept is simple. The rankings are determined according to how much you are willing to pay to get a click from a potential visitor. It's a great way to select precisely what keyword phrases you would like to be seen under and it allows you to only pay when the person actually clicks on your listings.

PPC Management overview

Zero Hosting offers effective PPC Management services using two of the most popular PPC services: Google AdWords and Overture (also known as Yahoo! Search Marketing). We have extensive experience and proprietary tools to help you achieve a successful PPC campaign. We will create a powerful ad copy and select the best performing keywords to your specific industry and start driving qualified customers to your site.

Some of the great benefits of using our PPC Management services:
  • accurate keyword selection
  • efficient research tools specific to your industry
  • development of the ad copy to attract buyers and filter unqualified traffic
  • insider techniques
  • proprietary PPC tools
  • proprietary tracking software
  • stretching your advertising dollars
  • warning systems to detect click frauds
  • complete control of your ROI
  • maximizing your ROI
  • incorporating the PPC campaigns into the overall marketing strategy
  • help in creating effective landing pages to maximize conversations of a potential client to a paying client
  • you can be fully active within 14 days
  • pin point your keywords to attract the right targeted lead
  • ongoing tweaking and maintenance of your ads
  • removal of low performing keywords
  • regular monitoring and adjusting of your bids
  • monthly reports of your PPC campaign
  • recommendations as needed.

Our prices start from as low as $500 depending on the number of keywords managed and your industry's competitiveness.

Zero Hosting's PPC Management approach delivers fast results and minimizes your cost.

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