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SEO Company - Testimonials

All the SEO testimonials here are 100% real and reprinted with permission from our clients. We asked a diversified group of clients to share their experience with our SEO Company.

Novori Inc.
“I have had several experiences with other SEO companies that were far from being great so maybe thatís the reason I appreciate the dedicated team of Zero Hosting. I truly recommend Zero Hosting for any search engine optimizing project your company may require.”

Medical Supply Group
Medical Supply Group Inc.
“You guys are fantastic! From the domain registration, hosting and designing our site to ranking us consistently for the top 5 spots since 2002 for huge keywords such as “Medical Supplies” on Google with close to 50,000,000 sites competing with us.”

Medical Supply Group
Mercentile Rx Inc.
“Our Canadian Pharmacy is considered by many to be one of the most competitive industries on the web today. After doing extensive research we decided to go with Zero Hosting for the entire project. They developed our site ground up gave us an incredible back-end office with complete inventory and e-commerce and ranked us for our top keywords across all the search engines in about 7 months. We have new clients daily and there is no way we could have done it without you guys. Thanks for the hard work and dedication and we will work on many more projects”

Medical Supply Group
Timeless Gifts Inc.
“I would just like to say that Zero Hosting has been nothing but pleasure. They completely put up with my whining and mode swings. All along the way they have been educating us and today we completely feel in control and armed with knowledge. We are ranked very high on many keywords which translates to more sales for us”

Medical Supply Group
Live soccer tv
“Zero Hosting's Search Marketing department is a whole other animal. These guys really know their stuff! They are one geek team you want on your side. It's all about results and they know how to apply their experience to rank you at the top!”

Free Medicine Program
Free Medicine Program
“Deciding who we hire to handle our Internet Marketing was a scary decision. We looked at several companies and of course all claim to deliver results and how great they are. One phone call to Zero Hosting's SEO team is all it took! They took the time to listen and were more interested in how they can help our business succeed then just take our money, a refreshing change. Although we are a smaller outfit then our competition, on the web we are on the same playing field and have been ranking higher which helped in acquiring new clients and a big increase in sales.”